Dominelli School of Music - Full Day Fine Arts Program

Full Day Fine Arts Program


Dominelli Music is proud to offer personalized facility tours for our families, so we can meet your child and family and learn more about your unique interest and needs one on one.  Contact us at 780-488-8515 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view book your tour and meet our staff.  


  • First Come First Served Basis - Limited Space Available (Only 8 Children Per Class)
  • $50.00 per class billed on the first of the month
  • New curriculum and enrollment opportunity every month, therefore you can start or stop anytime before the 1st of the month.
  • Ages 3-5, Must Be Potty Trained **Pull-Ups Allowed**

Classes Available

  • Full Day: 9:30 am- 3:00pm
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (you can enroll in as many days as you like) 

Dominelli Music offers flexible enrollment, so you can pick the number of classes per week in our schedule that you would like your child to attend.  For example, you may want to enroll your child on Tuesdays and Fridays - or just on Mondays.  It is up to you!  You can also start & stop your fine arts full day enrollment each month, or select the months you would like to attend. 

Small Class Sizes

We only accept 8 students per class - recent studies have shown that small class sizes increase student confidence and achievement, particularly in the early years of their education.  Additionally, it improves the quality of socialization and the one-on-one attention they will receive, to set a great tone for their elementary school years.  

Each child has their unique strengths and weaknesses, and by identifying them we are better able to work one-on-one with each student's needs.  With such a small class size, we are fortunate to get to know each child and give them each the special attention they deserve.

Volunteer Requirements

  • No volunteer requirements

As we are a privately run arts based program, our parents have no volunteer requirements. However we do encourage parents to participate in the classroom in various roles throughout the year. 

About Our Program

The Dominelli School of Music offers a rich sensory environment where the children experience academics, music, art, gymnastics, yoga, drama, and more!

Morning Preschool Component
In the morning, students will spend 2.5 hours participating in our traditional preschool component where we explore the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and other important concepts in preparation for kindergarten.  Students will also experience science experiments, creative play opportunities, group crafts, weather, identifying patterns, and more!

In the afternoon students move into our afternoon fine arts recreational program which includes:

30 minutes of music instruction, using our Rock Kids program - developed by local educators specifically for Dominelli School of Music.  Students will play piano, ukulele, violin, drums, and more - while learning about rhythm, and active listening. Students write an original song each year and have it professionally recorded and released on Spotify and iTunes.  Click Here to listen to our 2019 album.  They also perform annually at the Edmonton Oil Kings Game.

Studies have shown that early musical experiences are an important way to help create neural connections in your child's actively developing brain. While listening to music is certainly key to creating them, it's when kids actively participate in music that they make the strongest connections.

Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music (who play it or sing it regularly):

- Do better in reading and math when they start school

- Are better able to focus and control their bodies

- Play better with others and have higher self-esteem

Yoga & Mindfulness
Next students will experience 30 minutes of yoga instruction crafted for our music school by Inner Circle Yoga, where students not only learn the physical postures but also gain emotional regulation through breath and mindfulness techniques.  

Our art curriculum, designed by a local, long-time art school owner, includes the use of different mediums, drawing, sculpting, painting, and more.

Through improvisation, students learn how to explore different "scenes".  We will pretend to be in a spaceship, and act like astronauts.  Or on the bus on our way to school, and explore different scenarios.  Children's minds thrive when they are free to use their imagination to guide the class on a journey, uniquely created by them.