Dominelli School of Music - Force Flow Cardio (Adults)

Force Flow Cardio (Adults)

Adults & Teens
1 Hour Weekly
Start Anytime - Subject To Space Availability
$15/Class - Billed On The 1st of Each Month


Studies on the benefits of yoga continue to be released, demonstrating it's ability to support not only our physical well-being but also our mental and emotional health.  Through taking a moment to slow down, breathe and stretch, you will notice these benefits in yourself.  In fact, it is life changing in it's ability to shift your health in a profound way.  Discover this piece of yourself in Dominelli Music's yoga classes.  

This is a more intense practice, for those who like to challenge themselves and experience a different aspect of the yoga practice.  Be prepared to sweat while you move through different postures, challenge more advanced asanas, and still enjoy a great relaxation at the end of each class.