Dominelli School of Music - Raised on Rock, Level Two

Raised on Rock, Level Two



These are the objectives as outlined on the website and what parents will be expecting from the completion of the Rock KidsTM program:

  • - Identify middle C on a piano
  • - Play chords on a ukulele and work through strumming patterns
  • - Tap intricate rhythms on a drum
  • - Learn sign language (ASL)*NOTE: links to the ASL dictionary will be included but are optional. Just make sure there is some sort of consistent hand actions/signing
  • - Practice pitch and enunciation through singing
  • - Overall, we want to prepare students for group lessons in piano, guitar or singing.

Specifically, level two will:

  • - Expose children to different musical instruments from around the world
  • - Foster steady beat awareness and develop rhythmic playing
  • - Develop vocal expression and lyrical singing
  • - Incorporate body awareness and movement into the understanding of musical concepts
  • - Identify musical concepts in their own way through focussed listening
  • - Introduce musical terminology
  • - Learn American Sign Language*NOTE: this will allow children to understand communication does NOT only occur through speech and that our bodies and music can communicate in the same way

Level two will not expect:

  • - Identification and differentiation of musical notations
  • - Instrument facility on non-percussion instruments (e.g. piano, ukulele, voice)

The course is composed of sixteen lessons. Each lesson will cover vocalization and sign language, rhythm, instrument exploration and movement as part of musical learning. Parents may sit in during classes, but only as observers. This enables the instructor to interact with students and track progress, but also encourages social interaction amongst students. The final lesson will be a presentation to parents showcasing what has been learned throughout the course. Along with this presentation, students will receive a report card and the recommendation to move on to level two or repeat level one. Assessments are made at the teacher’s discretion. As these are recommendations only, parents may reenrol as they see fit.