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08 Feb

Make Music Edmonton - FAQs

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Is there a cost for this event? Do I need tickets?
No… that has been the whole point of this event since the inception of this event in France. It was developed to get more exposure for musicians and help them get their music out there and get them a bigger fan base. This event is marketed to the general public as a chance to come out and experience the musical talent that the community has to offer. Musicians are encouraged to sell their CD’s, music, show tickets and merchandise at the event and build their fan base.

Where can I catch the performances?
The event takes place along 124th Street in partnership with the 124th Street Business Association and the local Community Leagues. Music showcases are held in local businesses such as bars, restaurants and other local venues; but the focus is for this to be an outdoor event for the most part, so musicians will be playing in parking lots, on sidewalks, etc around these Host Venues.

Where can I buy the music if I like it? What if I miss the artist?
Every venue and stage will have a Merchandise Table or Booth where musicians will sell their music, CD’s, etc. All revenue from sales goes directly to the artists. They can promote themselves for bookings etc and we strongly encourage all artists to have the support materials to gain fans, get bookings and sell their music. If you miss the name of an act or want to find them again, we will have a full schedule of music acts with their venue and we will be putting up links to their music etc on the website.

What type of musicians will be playing? Is there a specific genre? Are covers okay?
This is open to all musicians of every genre. There are some basic guidelines as this is a public event supported by the community and there will be people from age 6 to 60 there. All musician performances must be All Ages Family Friendly and radio friendly and preference will always be given to original material but covers are acceptable.

What’s the schedule and how do I find artists?
The whole idea of this event is to wander and explore the area and stumble upon music you would have never heard before and musicians that may have never had the chance to play for you. It’s an experience of discovery. All musicians have a maximum of 45 minutes to play starting on the hour. Every act changes at every venue on the hour. To keep ourselves organized and to help give additional exposure to the musicians, we are providing a map of the area with a list of the musicians at each venue. These schedules will be available at all Host Venues and on our website.

What if I have a hard time walking or get tired between venues?
We are arranging a shuttle service to assist people in getting from venue to venue and make it easier to fit everything it. These shuttles will be in operation for the entire event and just doing non-stop loops from venue to venue.

What if it rains?
This is a rain or shine event. We will try to ensure we have indoor options for most of our venues. We will also protect performance areas where we can can with tents, tarps, canopies etc. If the forecast calls for poor weather 24 hours prior to the event we will relocate our outdoor stages to their indoor alternate locations. All updates can be found on our website and Facebook Page.

Is this a Francophone event?
Make Music Edmonton was inspired by an event launched in France in 1982 called la Fete de la Musique, but it is not a francophone event and you do not need to speak French to participate! The spirit of this event is to celebrate music in all its diversity, and the event is a reflection of the diversity of our community. Due the the involvement of the Alliance française of Edmonton, many of the volunteers are francophone . There will also be some francophone musicians, but they are only one aspect of this diverse music event!

Do you need volunteers?
ALWAYS! This event is a massive undertaking and it is not possible without the support of volunteers, corporate sponsors and community support. If you want more information, go to our Volunteer section of our website.

How can I get the chance to perform as a musician?
Submissions are accepted year round through our contact page but an official campaign through ReverbNation occurs yearly. Watch for more details.

Who runs the event?
The Alliance française of Edmonton and ID VIP Team Edmonton have partnered together to organize and run the Make Music Edmonton event.