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I read a great article this morning about the hidden advantages of adults taking music lessons and all of them very true. However, as an adult with a family and jobs we find ourselves too busy and making all sorts of excuses to not add one more thing to our pile. But think about this. You are sitting in a waiting room for a half hour or hour doing absolutely nothing, waiting for your kid to get out of their lesson. Some of you are on your mobile devices, some are falling asleep, and others are just staring at the walls. Why not take this time and sign up for a class and learn something new. I'm just saying. :-)

I have heard comments from adults who say they are too old to take lessons and was even quoted "When you're 8 years old it's adorable. When you're 18 it's inspiring. When you're 28 it's concerning, but when you're 38 it's just embarrassing". Yes, this feeling of embarrassment can be hard, but then factoring in job stress, family obigations, and feeling bad about using money that should possibly be going to your kids future. It's no wonder adult beginners give up the idea of taking lessons.

HOWEVER, the reasons to take music lessons are very rewarding, and as an adult you also have quite a number of advantages when it comes to learning music compared to younger students. It is never too late to give in to your dream to learn music. If you're an adult who wishes to begin or resume your learning, make the leap! This may be the path you need to take for your own musical fulfillment.If this article doesn't convince you, I have plenty more for you to read.

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