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Boooooo! Halloween is almost here!


Be afraid! Be very afraid!
Halloween is coming...

Now that we have the scary stuff out of the way.  Check out a violin video lesson from Brett Sheehan teaching a very scary halloween song called 'A Spooky Fright! On Hallowe'en Night!.  Yes, the song was written and composed by Brett.  :-)

We posted this video last year but I still chuckle over his man-made violin lightsabre.  Watch the lesson, download the chart and get ready to scare everyone!  Booooo!!!! 

October 31, 2016.  Some Dominelli students decided to spend the night halloweening, which means, that our teachers created video lessons instead. Brett Sheehan, provided his student with an entertaining violin lesson. His lightsabre, when working, would have been worthy of the Jedi. Really, it would have!!!! :-)  

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