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Bringing Mindfulness To Rock n' Roll

​So we at Dominelli Music have a great program for adults and teens to join a band in St. Albert called Project Vibe.  The bands practice weekly at our recording studio and rehearsal space, and learn different elements of music in a cool group setting.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to hang with these super open musicians, who are writing music and other cool new things that take them outside of their comfort zone.  

Fact: 20% of children learn music - 70% of adults wish they had


As an adult learner myself (I am learning to play drums in one of our program's adult bands), I know how tense I can become when I play.  Just the compounding of my day's worth of stress, nerves about playing the part right and not letting my band down, and wanting to make sure our teachers see that I am working hard, are all of the elements that I feel come together to create what sounds like me falling down an elevator shaft with all of the banging and clanging I sometimes produce when learning to play my instrument.  I'm sure all adults who learn an instrument experience (and kids too!), it's not easy!  

In my spare time I am an aspiring yogi who meditates regularly, and I am wondering if we could bring some mindfulness practices that have made my day to day so much more calm, into music.  So here is my journey, through myself and the students I teach, to see if I can bring some mindfulness to even our most rock n' roll adult bands.  I'll post an update later this week with how it goes and what I ended up trying.  I have some research to do!  Any suggestions, please comment below.  I would love to hear all ideas.  Namaste!  ;-) 

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